Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My name is Tracy, a name that means "warlike" and "fierce" (among other meanings, none of which sound nearly as good).  Most people who know me might consider this ironic--I'm anything but hostile when it comes to people and relationships.  But when it comes to life, I am in the front lines battling the Enemy that does whatever he can to kill our dreams and desires, keeping us from living life with passion and purpose.  It is a fight for freedom that involves not guns and bloodshed, but truth and surrender.  It is a war against the unseen forces of this world for a King who gives us the strength and courage we need, one who is worthy of our devotion.  It is for him that I fight.  I am his quiet warrior.

However, once upon a time and not so very long ago, I was a prisoner of the Enemy, who had enticed me with food in the form of an eating disorder.  I battled a mild form of an eating disorder all throughout high school and college, and it kept me from "running the race set before me," both literally and figuratively (Hebrews 12:1).  Only when I met the King did I finally learn how to overcome the Enemy's power over me.  The King trained me how to fight, equipping me with all I needed to defeat the Enemy.  It was a long and strenuous process, but it taught me how to be strong, courageous, and fierce.  Since then, I continue to fight for freedom, and one of my favorite weapons is the sport of triathlon.  I have been training and racing for three years now and it is amazing to see how much the King has changed me.  What's more, I now have a vision of completing an Ironman triathlon one day, something I never would have thought possible a few years ago.  It will be a lifelong journey, and I hope you enjoy reading about it--and other life passions--in this blog.  Welcome, and Godspeed.

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